Porsche to Give the Best Deal on a New Diesel Cayenne

Porsche is currently sitting on around 1,500 new Cayenne diesel SUVs that it can’t sell. However, once it gets its diesel ducks in a row, car shoppers will end up in a win-win situation in the form of huge discounts.

Once the German automaker solves the issues with its 3.0L diesels, it can lift its stop sale and sell those cars. However, according to Automotive News reports, it will not sell them as new cars, but as used cars. Selling a new car as used can give huge discounts to the buyer, though Porsche is not yet disclosing the prices.






Currently, Porsche and the feds are working together in order to create a solution for its 3.0L diesels. Reports say that the cars contain unreported software affecting its emissions. Many posit that a software fix is all that is needed to bring its newest cars into compliance. If that is the case, just one hour of dealership work is all that stands between these Cayennes and shoppers.

Buy & Sell carsThe diesel Porsche Cayenne begins around $62,000. Its diesel engine is rated at around 20 mpg city and 29 mpg highway, in accordance with EPA estimates. With 406 pound-feet of torque on tap, it is packing a lot of forward thrust, despite having one of the slowest acceleration times of any Cayenne model.

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