Audi Innovation Award Announces 10 FinalistsRenowned for innovation research and international awards that celebrate extraordinary progress and idea leadership, Audi announced its first ‘Audi Innovation Award’ for the Middle East at Dubai Design Week in October 2016.

Under the inaugural year’s theme ‘Alternative’ the competition received applications from designers offering concepts that integrate existing solutions into new uses, ranging from lifestyle, healthcare, mobility, education and urban public spaces. The competition seeks to empower regional designers while archiving intellectual progress in the region. 

The top 10 finalists are:

1. Abdhul Hazeeb Madamapat, United Arab Emirates 

Project Human is a citywide donation system designed to enhance the connectivity in the fight against poverty.

Abdhul Hazeeb

Designed by Abdhul Hazeeb Madamapat

2. Daniel Kobel, Bahrain

The renovation of The Arab Regional Centre for World Heritage to shift the existing entrance from the cut corner to a central entry. 

Daniel Kobel

Designed by Daniel Kobel 

3. Fatima AlDoukhi, Saudi Arabia

A sustainable alternative to packaging fragile items. Inspired by origami logic, Transformative Packaging uses a single sheet of paper, folded in specific tessellation to package any item for shipping. 

Fatima Al Doukhi

Designed by Fatima AlDouki 

4. Fortuné Penniman, United Arab Emirates

ATMOS is a project that re-visits the traditional Sebil Fountain with the capabilities of extracting drinkable water and cool-air from the atmosphere. A canopy that channels the unique climate of the Gulf into comfortable conditions for gathering outdoors.

Fortune Penniman

Designed by Fortuné Penniman

5. Hussein Aljabi & Mohammed Shukur, United Arab Emirates

The Project is about a Customizable Fragmented LIGHT that can be Applied into every home, restaurant, office and outdoor public space due to its versatility.


Designed by Hussein Aljabi and Mohammed Shukur

6. Musab Nahar, Jordan

An IoT gadget that notifies its owner every time there is a door breach. Owwli is a technological advancement from the current set of gadgets in the market, because it minimises the number of components to only one. 

Owwli By Musab Nahar

Owwli designed by Musab Nahar

7. Sadeem, Saudi Arabia     

Sadeem is the world’s first multipatented flood information solution with proven results from active networks already in the field to save lives and money in real time.


Designed by Sadeem

8. Sahar Madanat, Jordan

A dining set with an integrated anchorage system that grants one-handed users support in cutting their food.

Sahar Madnat

Designed by Sahar Madanat

9. Mansour Attia, United Arab Emirates

Metro-Bike fly-over proposes a solution for dealing with Dubai’s vehicle based lifestyle, lack of safe cycling lanes and abandoned spaces under metro bridges. 

Typical Span

Designed by Mansour Attia

10. Nick Karintzaidis, United Arab Emirates

A responsive bath system deigned to give the user full control to fulfill their basic necessities as well as minimizeuse of excessive water and electricity usage.

Nick K

Designed by Nick Karintzaidis

The winning three shortlisted candidates will be given $2,500 to present their concept model at Design Days Dubai 2017. The prizes to the winning designer of the Audi Innovation Award include a trophy and a trip to the Audi factory in Ingolstadt, Germany. In addition, Audi Middle East will award $25,000 worth of consultancy to fund items such as IP registration, legal counselling and business development.

Visit the Audi Lounge to see the top 10 designs and the models of the top three finalists.



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