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Porsche Car Show & Vehicle History

Porsche is a German luxury car currently owned by the Volkswagen Company. The company was founded in 1931 and has been touted to be a luxury car for the rich and famous. Since the beginning, Porsche has always catered to an exclusive clientele.

The current Porsche cars include the Boxter Roadster, Cayman, Carrera and the Panamera. Unlike many other car companies, Porsche has had the ability to weather the financial crises of the 40, 70s and 90s. The reason has been chiefly due to limited car production, good engineering and reasonable price.

Parts of the car are made in various European countries and then the car is assembled in Stuttgart. Recent reports indicate that Porsche remains the most successful car company both in terms of profitability and stability of ownership.

Porsche’ major competition both on the racing circuit and the consumer market has been Ferrari. While Ferrari is prohibitively expensive and has done well on the racing circuit, Porsche on the other hand has done well with the consumer market. In the consumer market, Porsche competes with Mercedes, Audi and BMW.

The great engineering and innovational skills have allowed Porsche to be a consultant for Audi, SEAT, Subaru, Daewoo and Yugo.

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Porsche Dubai

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Since the 60s, a lot has changed about Porsche. Porsche has always lent its engineering skills to others car manufacturers and has now teamed up with Toyota to develop the next generation of hybrid sports car. The four door coupe Panamera will be the first hybrid for Porsche. The all time most costly Porsche is the Carrera GT, currently costing close to $500,000 in the USA and is the most expensive Porsche ever built.

The company has gone extensive re-structuring by Volkswagen. In 2000, the famous 911 has again regained its name as the top selling Porsche of all time and continues to sell well world wide.

With solid finances and a great car, Porsche has not been hit with the global economic downturn. With all the money available the company should remain stable for many more years.

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