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Why is Porsche One of the Best Car Brands

In the automotive world, Porsche is significantly associated with excellence and superiority. This is why this German brand is one of the top choices of those who want to own a luxury car.

Here are just a few reasons why Porsche is simply the best:

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Valuable – Forbes lists Porsche in the 67th spot as the world’s most valuable brands. Last year, the company delivered a total of 225, 121 vehicles, up 19% compared to the previous year. The Cayenne SUV was rolled out in 2003 and the company was criticized for steering clear of its sports car roots. However, the Cayenne and the Macan crossover SUVs, which were launched in 2014, have become the company’s bestsellers.

Innovative – Even other car brands acknowledge Porsche’s ingenuity. Subaru and Daewoo, among others, for instance, have been given the consultancy service of Porsche in car and engine engineering. Also, world-famous brand Harley-Davidson has been accommodated by the prestige automaker in designing new engines for its products such as the popular V-Rod motorcycle.

Proven and Tested Engineering – Porsche’s fame is highly improved by its reputation in the car racing field where it is being touted as the world’s leader in the production and manufacture of racing cars. In fact, in 2006, 195 cars built for a variety of racing events have been produced by the automaker. In that same year, it achieved one of its biggest milestones when it was awarded by the Luxury Institute as the most prestigious of all automobile brands. The firm takes the chance to develop its engineering through racing where it is reported that Porsche racing vehicles hardly ever undergo consecutive races having similar and unmodified specifications.

Cutting-edge Safety Features – Another great thing about Porsche is its state-of-the-art safety features. For instance, the Carrera is equipped with a high-tech braking system, which integrates ceramic brakes for the first time and bring the car to a safe and definite stop no matter what the speed is. This system comprises 15-inch ventilated discs and six piston calipers.

If you want to own a Porsche in Dubai without spending a fortune, checking out second hand cars in Dubai is a wise choice. They are not only more affordable, but also offers the same features and luxury as a brand new one.

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Source: https://goo.gl/MKuo8k

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