Audi Dubai

A Special-Edition Audi R8: Audi Sport Edition

Audi has been on fire recently. To say they started off 2017 on the right foot would be an understatement. They thoroughly updated most of their models and even introduced several innovations, but they have no plans of stopping there. The brand-new special-edition Audi R8 Audi Sport Edition has been built to celebrate the birth of their new subsidiary, and it’s cooler than that name might suggest.

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Audi Dubai

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What’s in a Name

Remember Audi’s quattro subsidiary in charge of RS and R8 models? Well, it’s officially dead. The company has decided to axe the quattro moniker as it was too confusing given their Quattro all-wheel drive system. It’s still essentially the same company, but they’ve renamed it to Audi Sport GmbH. The idea is to bring it closer to Merc’s AMG and BMW’s M, but only time will tell if they succeed in doing so. For the time being, they certainly started things off properly.

Limited-Run Audi R8

The Audi R8 you see in the pictures was built to celebrate the company’s name change, and although changes are mostly visual, it’s still a cool thing. On the outside, they’ve painted the side blades and mirrors red, but have opted for a gloss black/silver paint scheme for the 20-inch forged wheels. It also gets red door panels and seat accents, just to match the exterior.

It’s available in silver, red or black, but it doesn’t matter what color you go for since they all look stellar. Should you want one, now is the time to buy. Just 200 will be made and orders open in May, but we suspect over 100 are reserved for Audi’s most loyal customers. Prices begin at 181,900 Euros for the standard V10 model in Germany and 205,800 Euros for the V10 Plus. No word on whether it’ll make it over to the U.S., but we’re sure you can import it if you have 200k to drop on a car.


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