Ferrari Dubai

Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta For Sale In Dubai With $7.3 Million Price Tag

One gorgeous and equally special collectible, this Ferrari LaFerrari Aperta is up for sale with a $7.3 million price tag!

The Ferrari LaFerrari has been having a huge fan base all over the world ever since its debut in 2013. Later on, the production concluded and the LaFerrari Aperta was introduced to carry forward the legacy, only to expand the admirer circle further. With a limited production run of 200 units, with all of them being sold, the Aperta was another big win for the Prancing Horse.

Short history lesson’s over. We have bigger fish to fry now. GTR Motors, a Dubai-based luxury car dealer is now trying to sell of an Aperta for a handsome profit. Though the firm hasn’t  given out any official images of the car in stock yet, they claim it to be a red one with a stunning black interior and an optional removable carbon fiber roof.

All of that sounds nice. It’s the price tag slapped on it which blows you away. All of $7.3 million. Why the significantly high price? Because it hasn’t been driven at all. You read that right. 0 miles on the clock.

Ferrari had plans to build on 200 of these open-top supercars and all of them had found takers. We are wondering why this piece got flipped and that too without even being driven for a mile.

The Laferrari Aperta runs on the same 950 hp (789 hp V12 and 161 hp electric motor) gasoline engine-motor setup powering its coupe sibling. The powerplant is capable of pushing the car to 62 mph (100kmph) from a standstill in under 3 seconds and to 124 mph (200kmph) in 7.1 seconds. The top speed is limited to 350 kmph.

It’s not new to see hypercars popping up in Dubai with fancy prices. A month ago, a couple of Ferrari FXX K had surfaced in the hyper city with price tags of $4.2 million and $4.7 million respectively. Unless you are someone who really wants that “sun on my face, wind in my hair” experience, one of those cars would have been a much more sensible investment.


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