Real adventure beckons if you have Dh500,000 to spare

Just a wee bit short of being a doomsday prepper’s ultimate vehicle but 100% perfect for the harsh desert conditions and off-road terrain of the UAE and beyond, the all-new LC79 Supertourer – codenamed ‘The Black Truck’ – is what you would want to get your hands on for extended periods of time in a quest for real off-road adventure.

Mean and muscular, the LC79 Black Truck is an exclusive creation of Australia-based Patriot Campers and begins life anew after being fully transformed from a brand new Toyota Land Cruiser 4.5 litre V8 Turbo-Diesel GXL 70 Series, resulting in a top specs rig that is the ultimate off-road life support system inclusive of everything from basic survival gear to unrivalled creature comforts.

Before you read any further, just pencil in the fact that the LC79 Black Truck can be all yours for approximately Dh500,000. What exactly do you get for this price?

This one-of-a-kind ultra-capable off-road supertourer can surely put most DIY-modified and other accessorised 4WD vehicles to shame and is designed in the spirit of the 4x Camper Trailer of the Year winning Patriot Campers X1.

The LC79 Black Truck is first given a 300mm chassis extension and is then fitted with a bespoke Patriot Campers Supertourer body, custom designed fittings and carefully selected accessories including TJM bar work, TJM front and rear winches, Clearview mirrors, an under tray water tank with electric pump and a navigation and comms package from Hema and GME.

The LC79 Black Truck also features an EFS suspension upgrade up to 3,800kg and rides on ROH alloy rims wrapped in Mickey Thompson rubber for ultimate traction and go-anywhere manoeuvrability. All these mods make for an off-road tourer designed by enthusiasts with an unrivaled attention to detail and manufacturing excellence.

Bring it on
With its sleek black matt finish, the LC79 Black Truck’s uniquely styled and functional body looks really aggressive with black colour matched toolboxes and headboard infill on black highlights.

The body is made completely from aluminium, while lightweight and rigid construction methods ensure maximum payload and towing capacity. A walk around of the vehicle confirms a matt black bonnet wrap, TJM AirTec snorkel, Clearview mirrors, GME heavy duty mirrors, TJM Outback steel bull bar, TJM 1200lb front and rear winches, Supertourer decals, TJM front sidebar kit and sidebar step, 300mm chassis extension from Creative Conversions, 70L stainless steel water tank and LED rear lights.

Storage is no problem
Oversize toolboxes house a kitchenette on the passenger side and an impressive storage compartment on the driver’s side. A massive rear lockable slide out drawer can be put to numerous uses, further increasing storage capacity. Storage specifics include front right toolbox, rear right toolbox, rear drawer, front left toolbox and rear left toolbox.

Crunching tough terrain
With a fully customised 3,800kg GVM EFS suspension upgrade with three inches of lift this rig can tackle the roughest terrain – from desert sand dunes to rock crawling.

Dare to take on the Empty Quarter or cruise along Sheikh Zayed Road with the all-new military styled 17×8 alloy wheels from ROH that come in a stealthy full matt black or matt black and bright machined for that tough off-road look. Also, Mickey Thompson’s Power Ply sidewalls with a special angled third ply give the LC79 Black Truck performance handling, better puncture resistance and improved towing capability.

Unmatched customisation possibilities
The LC79 Black Truck offers extensive configuration that include an overhead T-shape and centre console package in the double cab to store all sorts of gear and electrical components.

Pull up the James Baroud Evo tent, pop the top and get a well needed rest on your long haul. The tent features a five-second setup and comes with a high density foam mattress. Man’s best friend is not forgotten by the master craftsmen of Patriot Campers who have also thrown in a dog crate tray that also doubles as a storage area with door vents that can be closed off to create another massive storage area.

The mini canopy houses everything one would need for an adventure filled off-road touring trip, including a 65L fridge mounted on an easy to use drop down gas assisted strut assembly, large storage drawer, camp chairs storage and a place to house one’s 12V system.

The Rhino Pioneer platform roof rack is tough and allows you to load or unload your gear quickly and easily with a host of standard fittings available.

The JMACX coil springs’ upgrade includes a fabricated differential that corrects real wheel track and is a must have for the serious adventurer while a Torquit performance upgrade includes a stainless steel exhaust, engine chip and a programmable pedal torque controller. Inflation and deflation of tyres is a breeze, thanks to the ARB twin compressor conveniently mounted in a rear toolbox.

The Xray 220 HID and 1200mm Quad Optic light bar kit offers the best of both worlds with the pencil HID offering illumination over 2km from the truck whist the combo spreader bar mounted on the roof encompasses everything in the short distances.

Those long off-road drives will prove relaxed and fatigue free, thanks to the Recaro seats even as the Anderson Plug and Redarc Towpro will prove its worth apart from being simple to install and operate.

So, ready to order your very own LC Black Truck for some real adventure?


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