How To Keep Yourself Entertained While Driving

How To Keep Yourself Entertained While Driving

Remember the days driving in your dad’s car and the only in-car entertainment was listening to your dad’s old Neil Diamond songs until the tapes overheated? Or playing never-ending rounds of I Spy? Or playing the number plate game? Fortunately those days are over, thanks to the huge range of in-car entertainment systems that are coming in the new models. If your car is not fitted with one of these systems you can still enjoy your journey by getting a portable DVD and MP3 players. We have compiled a list for the best used cars for in-car entertainment.

Range Rover Dubai Price

Range Rover Dubai Price

Range Rover Dubai Pre-owned

Range Rover Dubai Pre-owned

Second-hand Cars

Second-hand Cars

Car Prices in Dubai

Car Prices in Dubai

Volvo XC90:

This classic Volvo was updated in 2003 and was fitted with a new entertainment system. It is available in a number of second hand models. The main feature of this entertainment system is a soft-touch screen fitted into the back of the front head rests, a 10 disc multi-DVD changer and an AV input for games and camcorders. The screens can be operated separately and it plays CDs different to those being played on the in-car system.


BMW is an iconic brand and the luxury car maker doesn’t disappoint with their 2012 model. It features a fantastic built in audio system with powerful subwoofers under the front seats. BMW also give you an option to go for an optional Professional hifi system with optimised speakers which distribute the sound evenly across the entire car. The other option available is to get your X5 fitted with a rear seat entertainment system, featuring a colour monitor, headphone sockets and a DVD player. This will keep the kids busy while you concentrate on driving.

Range Rover:

Many of the Ranger Rover models come with an added option of installing a rear seat entertainment system, so finding a second hand model already fitted with one is not that difficult. The rear seat entertainment system in the Range Rover features screens in the back of the front head rests, a range of AV equipment and 2 pairs of headphones. If you want to save money then go for a portable DVD player but make sure you choose one with a long battery life so that it lasts on long journeys and don’t forget the headphones for the kids.

Audi A8:

Audi A8’s Bang & Olufsen Advanced Sound System won the award for “Interior of the Year” in 2006. This impressive setup includes 14 speakers including a 12-inch subwoofer, each with its own amplifier. This remarkable system produces nearly 1,100 Watts.

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