Comparing Audi R8 And Q7

Grand Summer Sale @ SunCityMotorsAudi r8 is an amazing creation and it is one of the finest sports cars out there in terms of technology. If you want amazing performance and precision then this sports car would be the best option. The engineers of this car really did a good job because they have managed to develop a car which embodies sheer perfection and the best that technology has to offer. Audi r8 is a popular choice during racing events worldwide. Attributes like stability, performance and control of the car are courtesy of the car’s engine, which is a V8 mid-mounted engine. The car also comes with Quattro permanent wheel drive.

Another impressive thing about this car is that it follows the FSI technology where the fuel or the gas is directly injected to the combustion chamber. Owing to this the engine performs at its optimum and it also increases the overall efficiency of the car. You will easily be able to figure out what is unique about this car when you take a look at its picture – yes the body of the car is made from aluminum and this is the first car to use this metal for its body.

Of course, just like every other thing on this planet, Audi r8 has its drawbacks too and the biggest amongst them is that there is limited seating capacity in the car. So, there is no space for luggage if you are planning to keep it in your Audi r8. However the major positive of the car is that it offers excellent handling and speed both of which make it good value for money.

The Audi q7, on the other hand, is quite different from r8. This car is a luxury crossover SUV that is actually quite big in size. Advertisements of the q7 shows that this car has AMI or Audi Music Interface which allows the users to make use of their mp3 players and iPods in the cars by playing the music through the sound system.

An interesting fact about this car is that it is the first model from Audi which offers a feature known as Side Assist, which is a kind of warning system and a system for detecting blind-spot. This crossover SUV is considered quite safe for use because it offers safety electronics and multiple airbags. Official tests have been conducted on this car in order to evaluate its safety and it managed to score quite well, in some cases a complete sweep of five stars.

Audi q7 is extremely popular amongst businessmen in India who are into luxurious cars. Under normal driving conditions this car has a mileage of close to nine kilometers per liter. The car is able to provide a smooth and powerful ride to its passengers because of its adaptive air suspension technology. In India, there are two variants of Audi q7 available and both of these variants run on diesel. ‘Less is more’, this saying is true in case of q7 because it consumes less fuel, therefore there is less release of carbon dioxide and consequently less wastage of energy.

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