How a Maserati is Made Focus on The Interior

Grand Summer Sale @ SunCityMotorsSince 1940, the Maserati headquarter is located in VialeCiro Menotti, Modena- Italy. The original redbrick construction is still in place whether a very modern plant has been recently built around it. The overall headquarter complex has been going through a large remodeling and when the work is finally complete the entire buildings surface area will exceed 32,000 m².The production lines have redeveloped to be able to meet top notch quality and production standards. There are now 26 workstations used for the make of the Quattroporte and GranTurismo lines.

The engines fitted in the Maserati Quattroporte and GranTurismo are assembled by highly skilled personnel at Ferrari’s headquarters in Maranello. The production of the compact and lightweight (184 kg) eight cylinder V90° engine takes place in the Engine Mounting Area where Ferrari engines are assembled, guaranteeing the Maserati engines the same level of technical excellence as the Ferrari ones. The engine are 4244 cc units with a peak power output of over 400 bhp at 7000 rpm and are assembled only by highly trained personnel whom over go a detailed training program before start working at the Maserati Factory. This training period, baptized ‘test flying’ by insiders, is designed to familiarize the personnel with the assembly process and assure that high standards are maintained while teaching them how to diagnose problems, execute them and the basics of how the engine works. At the end of the monthly training, all personnel who successfully complete the course receive a certificate testifying their level of preparation and that they are ready to start working in the Maserati production process.

The production cycle is divided in three different steps, such as pistons, air intake manifolds and preparing completed cylinder heads. Once the subgroups have been completed, the following step is the assembly line to unify each component where Ferrari and Maserati engines alternate on the same work cycle. The cycle consists of short blocks (like cylinder blocks and piston rods) and long blocks where the final engine assembly takes place. Numerous checks are then performed to ensure the excellent quality of the final product. The production system combines the advantages of hand work with the precision provided by the latest technological machines and electronics. A special tool sends data to a central server through a revolutionary bolt tightening certification system; the server then compares the tightening specs from the car with parameters set by the technical department and the process then moves forward only if the values exactly correspond.

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