Porsche Is A Great Car

All the brands mentioned here have a lot of experience in different forms of racing to help them develop their cars. There is a transfer of technology from race cars to road cars that turns out to be pretty helpful.

Audi, for example are deeply involved in racing. The two main forms of racing they’re currently involved in are the German Touring Car Series and the LeMans series. Audi have won many of the 24 hours of LeMans over the last decade and have become known as a real powerhouse. Some say that Audi is the new BMW.

Audi has a higher performance line of cars called the S-Line. The S-Line cars mirror the rest of their lineup, but have performance enhancements. They will be more powerful and enjoyable to drive, but the ride might be a little stiffer.

BMW have been involved in many forms of motorsports including DTM, Formula 1 and endurance sports car racing. They recently left Formula 1 and will probably return to the DTM after having departed in the late 80s or early 90’s. They’re currently doing very well in the GT class of the American LeMans series. BMW is also making its way at the 24 hours of LeMans and other races like the 24 hours of Dubai.

BMW have the M cars in their performance lineup. Similar to the S-Line, the M cars mirror some of the standard BMW cars. Examples include the M3, M5, M6, M Coupe and M Roadster.

Mercedes is another example of a German car maker that’s been active in racing. They’ve done very well in the German Touring Car Series and in Formula 1. Their road cars have a performance line with the AMG package. They will also be more powerful and enjoyable do drive.

All of the higher performance cars have a bigger price tag and are often more expensive to repair. But if you love performance, it’s a great form of entertainment.

Now we have to talk about Porsche. Porsche was founded by Dr. Ferry Porsche, a German engineer. The most notable model is the Porsche 911. It’s had many iterations like the 993, 996 and 997. The 997 is the most recent model.

The Porsche 911 has been one of the most race winning cars in history, and in many venues. They’ve won at LeMans, Daytona, Sebring and many other tracks. They’ve also been active in rally racing and other forms of racing.

The Porsche customer program is noted for its great racing support. Porsche factory drivers are considered to be some of the best around any circuit.

For street driving, the Porsche 911 is a fun car to drive. They have other cars in their lineup like the Cayman that are a ton of fun too.

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